Gil Anderson is proud to announce that his debut book, "Going Fore It: in Golf and Life" is now available everywhere. It is the result of a lifelong pursuit of the deeper meanings that lie at the core of the golfing experience. Within the nature of the game, we all have the opportunity to experience the it factor. As we decode the intricacies of the game, you will discover the parallels to everyday life experiences. Buy Your Autographed Copy
Ask yourself the question, “How would I play the shot if I knew I couldn’t fail?” You could then take the leap of faith and seek your highest, most joyful experience. If we are willing to take that risk, passion can ignite explosive inspiration and creativity revealing our unrealized abilities. This, in turn, supports the purpose and mission in our pursuit of play. Should you try that impossible golf shot and fail, you are at least stretching yourself to the next level. But, should you succeed, you release an adrenaline rush that allows the human spirit to soar and move ever closer to the heart of the game. This willingness is what I refer to as “perfect play.” It is not defined by the score that you record. Perfect play is not about winning or losing. It is about how you participate in the game.
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May 1, 2013

Living Golf Lesson #12: Power from the Heart of Play

Lesson # 12 Power from the Heart of Play

The power that lies within the game of golf can have a profound effect on every player who has experienced the spirit of it. Regardless of ability level there is a power there that stirs the special something that stimulates the heartfelt enthusiasm and penetrates the soul. Now, more than ever before, at age 66 I have come closer to the true meaning and purpose of what this game really is all about. Going into my 61st year of participating in its playful nature there is more to share than ever. As I begin my 41st year of sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for the golf experience I am closer to it than ever before.

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Here in the final lesson in this series you share in my current thoughts about the “Power from the Heart of this Game” that is so easily applied to life and living. Let’s Go Fore It together.

Video Lesson: Fairway Wood (7, 5, and 3)

Loft and length of club construction are the major differences that control distance. Swing plane is also demonstrated and discussed.

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Video Lesson: Long Irons and Hybrids

Body and club head relationship will be further explored. Differences in the length of the swing arc will be demonstrated.

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Video Lesson: Mid-Irons (5 and 6)

Change in ball position and the concept of proper alignment of club head in relative position to the body position will be demonstrated.

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Video Lesson: Short Irons (7, 8, 9, and Full Wedge)

Aspects of the variation of stance and ball position will be covered. Swing plane and rhythm will also be reviewed.

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Video Lesson: Soliciting the Meditative Moment

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Video Lesson: Rhythm and Tempo

These two major components of a well constructed golf swing are examined and explained. Method of maintaining consistency is demonstrated.

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Video Lesson: Body Movement

A proper swing should allow for a full shoulder turn that moves congruently with the movements of the arms and wrists.

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