Video Lesson: Chip Shot vs. Pitch Shot

September 29, 2010

These shots require the same technique; the fundamental difference is the length of the stroke. Distance control is a natural result of the development of touch.

Video Lesson: Process of the Stroke

September 22, 2010

Consistent and properly instructed mechanics of the pitching and chipping technique are demonstrated and explained. The correct angle of attack is critical for successful outcome and can be achieved with this method.

Video Lesson: Zen Putting

September 15, 2010

Experience a feel for the putter flow by closing your eyes while putting. This segment explains how to separate intellect from experience.

Video Lesson: Up and Downhill Putts

September 8, 2010

Avoid coming up short of or running past the hole. Watch and learn proper mindset and speed control.

Golf Health and Wellness: A Dedication

September 2, 2010

I have decided to dedicate my September blog post to the 39th anniversary of my marriage to one of the most magnificent women I have ever known. Beth, or “Beffie”, as I call her is my soul mate, best friend and absolutely the best golfing buddy any man can have. Our love, devotion and respect for one another has continued to grow throughout our married life in spite of the trials and tribulations of day to day living.

The passion we share for this wonderful game of golf has provided a common ground of devoted interest that continues to strengthen the bond between us. Golf has provided a purpose in our lives that extends beyond the requirements of ordinary survival. It has given us a spiritual connection that somehow justifies our life’s work. This year, on our anniversary, we will be celebrating not only the time we have spent together, but also the exciting future that stands before us.

Video Lesson: Alignment & Plumb Bobbing

September 1, 2010

Watch to learn about the methods and theory of plumb bobbing for alignment of left to right and right to left breaks.