Video Lesson: Down Hill Considerations

October 27, 2010

A reversal of concept becomes necessary when chipping from a downhill incline. Proper club choices and method will be described and shown.

Video Lesson: Up Hill Considerations

October 20, 2010

The loft of the club must be considered carefully depending on the slope of the ground plane. Demonstration of consideration and choices will be illustrated.

Video Lesson: Club Selection

October 13, 2010

There are a variety of methods and club choices that can work efficiently. Two of the most commonly used methods are discussed.

The Spirit of Golf

October 12, 2010

There is something special about this game of golf that penetrates the depth of heart and soul of the human condition. Each time that we venture out onto the course we encounter an experience that inspires a connection to the divine essence of personal satisfaction and achievement.

Our imagination of the possibilities that lie in wait provide an intriguing anticipation of new discoveries of an unrealized potential. Regardless of ability level, from the first efforts of the beginning golfer to the precise, methodical swing of the seasoned player, there is a magic in the game that captivates our deepest desires. The relationship between the elements of the game and its players progressively evolves into a union of spiritual oneness of rhythm and balance activated through the natural physical coordination of movement in the body mechanics. The interaction of club face and ball combines through an effortless release of cooperative energy. At the moment of inertia as contact is made, an exhilaration of spiritual lift takes flight along with the soaring trajectory of the object of intent. Human desire is satisfied with a sense of accomplishment once thought to be unachievable. Expansion of our capability will continue to nourish the passion that has brought us to this game.

Video Lesson: Intuitive Feel for Thrust and Distance

October 6, 2010

We all have within us natural ability to accurately sense distance variables in our approaches to the green. This segment will help explain why this is true and how to feel the necessary stroke.