Video Lesson: Downhill Sand Shot

December 29, 2010

This is probably the most difficult of the green side bunker shots. It requires some special considerations which are demonstrated here.

Video Lesson: Uphill Sand Shot

December 22, 2010

This is a shot that requires a precise angle of attack and occasionally a different choice of club. Demonstration and explanation is offered here.

Video Lesson: Buried Lie

December 15, 2010

At times a ball can be almost completely covered by sand. The key here is to get the ball out. Accuracy is secondary. A very different attitude of stroke process is necessary. This video will provide for a better understanding of the process.

Video Lesson: Distance Control in Bunker Play

December 8, 2010

Controlling distance from greenside bunkers is accomplished through proper alignment more than the force of the swing.

Pilates for Golf

December 3, 2010

My Personal Discovery

Since my heart surgery fourteen years ago, I have made a continual effort to exercise both for strength and flexibility even though recreational golf does not necessarily require a high level of physical fitness to participate. Regular exercise properly carried out can provide a significant benefit to the swing mechanics. The heightened level of enjoyment derived from playing better and the overall health benefits can motivate a desire to work out.

What I have been fortunate to discover over the last year is the extraordinary benefits of working with a certified Pilates instructor. The precision exercises and movements that Pilates requires has made a remarkable difference in my capacity to play golf with a heightened level of efficiency.

My instructor, Linda Yasek, was originally introduced to me for golf lessons. I have been working on her golf game for about two years. Although a beginner, she has a remarkable amount of natural ability. What I noticed from day one of our lessons together was an unusual amount of coordination in the connection of her upper and lower body as she swings a golf club.

As I have committed myself to the Pilates exercises as an addition to my aerobic and weight training routine, I have witnessed an expanded ease of body flow in my swing.

Pilates has now become a dedicated part of my weekly training. My professional association with Linda is just another example of the “Law of Attraction.” When something is needed in life, if you remain open-minded and begin to focus on what is needed, your wanting desire is satisfied.

Video Lesson: Set Up and Stroke

December 1, 2010

Proper body and ball position are critical for consistency of result. Detailed structure is illustrated. Smoothness of the stroke with proper rhythm is essential.