Video Lesson: Soliciting the Meditative Moment

February 23, 2011

Video Lesson: Rhythm and Tempo

February 16, 2011

These two major components of a well constructed golf swing are examined and explained. Method of maintaining consistency is demonstrated.

Video Lesson: Body Movement

February 9, 2011

A proper swing should allow for a full shoulder turn that moves congruently with the movements of the arms and wrists.

Video Lesson: Alignment

February 2, 2011

Proper alignment of the shoulders, hips, knees, and fee is an essential element in developing a consistent swing plane. In this segment we will examine the relationship with the club and body position that sets up a natural, proper alignment.

Winterizing Your Golf Game

February 1, 2011

During the long, cold winter there exists a marvelous opportunity to expand your capability as a player of the game you love. This can be accomplished by studying the least understood and most underutilized aspect of the requirements of skillful play: the mental game. During my many years of playing, teaching, and thinking golf, I have developed a comprehensive, but concise lesson series on the mental game.

If you choose to accept the challenge, this will open you up to a whole new world of capacity that lies within you.

It will inspire a childlike renewal of enthusiastic anticipation and passion for the upcoming season.

Through the magic of the internet, I am able to offer this course of study to anyone, anywhere through Skype. Just go to and take it from there. We’ll be able to converse while seeing each other if you have a webcam. Of course, if you live reasonably close, this can also be accomplished in person.

I am going to introduce you to some of the basic concepts of the course in this post and you will find detailed information about the four lesson golf mental game series that is now available on my golf instruction page. Hopefully we can connect and I will share what I have learned about golf and life over the last 57 years.