Video Lesson: Fairway Wood (7, 5, and 3)

March 23, 2011

Loft and length of club construction are the major differences that control distance. Swing plane is also demonstrated and discussed.

Video Lesson: Long Irons and Hybrids

March 16, 2011

Body and club head relationship will be further explored. Differences in the length of the swing arc will be demonstrated.

Video Lesson: Mid-Irons (5 and 6)

March 9, 2011

Change in ball position and the concept of proper alignment of club head in relative position to the body position will be demonstrated.

Video Lesson: Short Irons (7, 8, 9, and Full Wedge)

March 2, 2011

Aspects of the variation of stance and ball position will be covered. Swing plane and rhythm will also be reviewed.

Spring Fever Forever – Catch It!

Each new day is an opportunity for a new beginning just like the first tee of each round provides the chance for a new experience unlike any other. Each year, as I come out of hibernation from the long winter, I recollect the previous year’s experiences while anticipating the new season’s arrival. The time spent during the dormant moments of winter fuels my continued desire to stay passionate about my pursuit of the game.

Many thoughts from the previous year manifest themselves in a rejuvenated love for the game. I have realized that staying motivated during this period of time off is very necessary. Slowing down the pursuit physically allows the mind the time required to internalize, evaluate, and realize an acceptance of new insight and direction. The cycle of renewal is then complete, clearing the way for the elation felt in my spring golf fever.