Going Fore It – A Dream Come True

April 1, 2011

Over the last seven years of teaching golf at Winding Hills Golf Course a vision has been forming. This vision has become clarified through a strong desire and commitment to inspire and motivate students to become the best that they can be. The possibility to share my thoughts and beliefs with a larger audience led to a decision to take on what was to become one of the most challenging efforts that I have ever encountered.

I decided to sit down and write a book. It was to be a reflection of the life lessons that I have graciously accepted from the game of golf.

I have dreamed about writing a book on golf for many years. Most of the ideas that were bouncing around in my head up to this point seemed shallow and uninspiring. Something happened over the last several years of teaching and playing that unlocked a stimulation of thoughts that allowed the dream to come true. I decided to finally Go Fore It – in golf & life.

Hopefully, my attempt will positively affect many people, both golfers and non-golfers alike, as they adopt the mantra to Go Fore Itin all of their endeavors.

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed the privilege of studying and playing this most incredible game. I have been led through divine guidance to opportunities that allow me to share my ever-expanding knowledge as a teacher. This has provided me with a motivational force that has had a profound effect on all aspects of my life. It is now my commitment to share my reflections on golf and its relationship to a life force that has inspired a growing realization of who I am and what I stand for.