Optimal Achievement

June 1, 2011

Choice in life is one of the greatest attributes to human capacity. How we direct our thinking can be chosen.

If we can learn to direct our thinking toward the outcomes that we desire, we will be able to remain focused on purpose.

Due to a seemingly inherent human condition to be protected from danger, our minds tend to focus more on what we want to avoid. In the game of golf the mind can be set in one of three patterns.

    Developing a well supported belief we are able to actively focus our imaginative posers on what is ultimately possible. The result that we are wishing for is at risk of being unfulfilled unless we begin to accept the probability of outcome. However, our thoughts and emotions are not as tangible as the actual, physical aspect of the experiences that we witness as we play. In order to have our mind power, control our outcome requires a heightened level of awareness that comes from the depth of our senses.