Holistic Connection

October 1, 2011

In the study of quantum physics experts, have discovered the scientific support for the theory that we exist in the form of pure energy, both kinetic (in motion) and potential (at rest). So too does all of the substance that surrounds us. Energy provides a versatile dynamic and powerful part of who we are.We are provided with pure potential for whatever we wish to attract. This concentrated energy constitutes the very spirit within us. Our bodies, thoughts, and emotions are all outward emissions of the dynamic expended energy. How we direct this energy dictates the limitations of the positive outcomes that we achieve.

The clarity of desire will ultimately influence the joyful quality of the life we chose to live.

When the energy is obstructed by fear, anxiety, or worry, it becomes misdirected into defensive, manipulative, or protective postures. Our spirit is susceptible to discontent, illness, and lack of holistic connection with the life force. When we fully realize the power of the force within us, the experiences of golfing adventures continue to expand. An energy release becomes a conscious part of our everyday play, expanding exponentially. Properly focused, we witness the infinite potential hidden within finite existence.