Arrival for Departure

December 3, 2011

An ongoing acceptance of our potential for the desired outcome of our golfing experience runs true and passionate, like the playful nature lying within our life force. We discover wondrous revelations and insights into our own character when we create and play our game without trying to over emphasize the growth process.


Evolution becomes a result of and not the purpose for the continuation of our deliberate efforts, as we plan and discover a true course of action.


Our course design is created in the blending of passion and purpose instilled in our individuality with an acceptance of the discoveries along the way. How we cope with challenges opens the opportunities during our journey. Rewards are recognized by the sense of satisfaction, through a spirit-based accomplishment, graciously accepted within the humility of a divine nature. All of the components of a well-planned game are provided with endless enjoyment through the many cycles of playful participation. Each round of golf opens the potential for a new and wondrous journey within the unrestricted nature of our design. Process and pursuit are supported by the intensity of passion and the clarity of purpose.

Setting a course with an authentic, personal design based on awakened intrinsic values, our nature is defined by cooperative melding within the game’s requirements.

We understand that this game, which we have the privilege to be part of, is truly more than just a recreational pastime. It is an adventure that continually challenges us and supports our personal vision. As we overcome self-doubt, and feel the exhilaration of accomplishment, we are provided with the hope and anticipation associated with each ball strike. The handicaps we place upon ourselves are overcome as we learn to be totally committed to and immersed in the aura of the game. Our character is structurally supported by the passion lying within the cornerstone of the course design. The secrets of the game unfold and unconditional acceptance of ease and grace is experienced in our play. This allows for a holistic connection to the why and allows mind, body, and spirit to become one with the game. We are now playing from the depths of our being, to the outer limits of our expanding ability. The search continues for the authentic acceptance of our relationship to the game. A sincere recognition of the successes along the path reaffirms our intent.  Unlocking ability, we expand beyond any limits of conscious awareness and accept life’s lessons.

We become conditioned with a peaceful acceptance of the golf process.

As our minds expand our conscious awareness becomes non-controlling and we gain a relaxed, playful nature.

We attain clarity within our conditional feeling, opening a response to the natural swing. We are now able to go fore it without the pressure of any artificial desire to control. Now, we experience the course that dreams are made of. As we refocus intent, and clear the way for our total commitment we are stimulated by and immersed in an optimal energy source.