Living Golf – Introduction

January 1, 2012

Lessons from the Heart of the Game  

The majestic nature of golf, a truly, remarkable sport, captivated my imagination and I began discovering what it is about golf that transcends the final score.


The spiritual sense of the game inspired me to begin an enduring search for the deeper meaning of life and its relationship to the nature of my game.


I have been led down a path, and find myself in a totally involved commitment, sharing my feelings and knowledge with as many people as possible. My passion has never been stronger and the purpose has never been clearer. Now, the process has become part of me, reaching new levels of efficiency and dedication. I can only hope that the ongoing intensity of the pursuit, coupled with the strength of my unfailing efforts establishes a legacy that will live on. I am blessed to share what this game has given to me and pay it forward. The process now supports passion and frees my heart’s desire in the pursuit of a true pre-destined purpose.