Living Golf Lesson 1: Power from the Heart of Consciousness

February 1, 2012

Lesson # 1 – Power from the Heart of Consciousness

 To play golf from the heart of the game is to come into alignment with a concentrated conscious connection to what it is all about. This is accomplished when we train ourselves to stay in a state of focus with the clarity of our intent and at the same time be accepting of a heartfelt, intuitive desire. Integrating the analytical mind with instinctive intelligence of the heart elevates capability to new levels of achievability.


We must not be distracted for a moment by reflections of past experience that we impose on the task. By breaking through these patterns and reactions we will become more response-able.By shifting from the head to the heart we become accepting, non-judgmental and begin to come into alignment with the truth in the consciousness that we seek.


We are now getting to the “heart of the matter.” Powerful, congruent alignment is now achievable through the mind, body, and spirit providing the gentle guidance of a rhythm from the heart.

As we discover more about what “it” is that lies within the heart of the game, we come to realize that “it” is not about the “doing,” but rather, allowing “it” to be done.