Living Golf Lesson 2: The Power of Subconscious Acceptance

March 4, 2012

Lesson # 2  The Power of the Subconscious Acceptance

 The conscious and subconscious mind has a distinct function when assessing and executing any stroke to be played in golf. The conscious mind is where we are able to conceptualize the requirements of play. The subconscious mind is where the stroke comes from. It perceives and senses the feel of what it takes. While the subconscious mind is objective and analytical the subconscious is subjected to whatever the conscious accepts for perceptive understanding.



We must train ourselves consciously to conceptualize and put into practice the process step by step until it eventually seeps into the perceptive abilities that are accepted by the subconscious mind.


Process must become automatic and somewhat routine. Belief and attitude will become habitual. Once the subconscious mind becomes accepting, then faith that we can and trust that we will carries out the necessities imposed by our conscious awareness. At this moment of connection we reach the flow zone of execution.