Living Golf Lesson 3: The Power of Intuition

April 1, 2012

Lesson # 3  The Power of Intuition

There exists within each of us a magical capability that transcends rational sensibility. It comes from a part of our being that emerges at just the right moments when we need it the most. It is our intuition. It provides an insight that has been built on experience, without any judgment from intellectual interference. It frees a spirit-filled connection to a belief in what can be accomplished. The freedom of flow is released through our heartfelt feeling of what is the right way.

The intellectual willful desire that imposes a responsibility to be successful is replaced with an ability to naturally respond.

This response ability allows for experiences that expand an awareness of what is possible. New visions of what we are capable of achieving sharpen a focal point of a spirit-filled capacity with a clarity of intent. What not Go Fore It? Now we will.

When we hear that voice in our head, vision in our brain, or feeling in our heart we need to trust and take action in our bodies. This is the moment when we are overcome with unexplained feelings of elation. We just seem to know what action must be taken. At these moments we must exercise the faith that we can and the trust that we will, resulting in a fore gone conclusion. Now we must let go, let it happen.