Weather Conditions & Historic Statistics

May 31, 2012

My name is Jason Werbalowsky, and I am the Golf Course Superintendent at Otterkill Golf & Country Club located in Campbell Hall, New York. I am an enormous weather fan and always curious about anything and everything related to the weather and its history. Since coming to Otterkill in the beginning of 2007, I have […]

Living Golf Lesson 4: The Power of Mindset

May 3, 2012

Lesson # 4  The Power of Mindset

 When we ask ourselves the question what is it that we really want and are willing to take the time to ponder what it is, we begin a process of opening our minds to our ultimate potential. It requires conscious focus to maintain our own directions and not simply follow the proven ways that it has always been done. External forces and an acceptance of the way it is will never allow for an expansion of thought processes that our spirit would like to achieve.

When we become enabled to set our mind on a positive open acceptance of what is possible, enthusiastic energy begins to support a powerful desire to move above and beyond.

The power of mindset will steer the direction of whatever it is that we want to accomplish.

Any successful endeavor starts with confidence that can be accessed through a proper mindset. After knowing and accepting this, the question remains. How do we accept this mindset to release what it takes to accomplish our heart’s desire? It is not just about positive thinking. If you tell yourself that you are positive that you will play a par round of golf, an immediate thought will be developed for all the reasons that it is not possible. Therefore, mindset must match the reality of current experience. Our thoughts produce the energy that is necessary to support the passionate desire to achieve whatever it is that we want. This wanting desire must, however be supported by a clarity of intent. A process must be developed, adopted, and consistently adhered to and rehearsed the mind will then be able to accept the potential of what it takes to achieve the desire of our will.