Living Golf Lesson #5: The Power of Desire

June 4, 2012

Lesson # 5 The Power of Desire

In order for any endeavor to become important enough for us to accomplish we must develop a strong desire to want it enough to pursue with a purposeful intent. Willful desire is critical to manifest our dreams and aspirations. In the game of golf willful desire can be a positive force or it can bring on a landslide of negative effects on outcome.

The physical attraction of a golf ball sitting on a tee or a plush area of emerald green grass lures us into a false sense of confidence.

The very nature of the golf course visually alters our conscious behavior causing a desire to control the flight of the ball. Deliberate, mental desire to strive to accomplish results causes a distortion in the process of execution. We subconsciously begin to manipulate the result causing a significant loss of power and direction.

So what is it about thinking that is compelling enough to cause this total mental breakdown in sensibility? The more we truly want something the more we attach ourselves to an expected outcome from our efforts.We begin to convince ourselves and believe that if we try harder then we will be able to achieve. This is a winning attitude that will overcome all resistance and prevail.  This leads to additional frustration and anxiety. As we exert more effort, our intention to achieve a certain result produces a subconscious desire to manipulate that result.