Living Golf Lesson #6: The Power of Intent

July 5, 2012

Lesson #6 The Power of Intent

 Within the spirit of golf lies a never ending desire to expand our playing capacity beyond the current level of capability. This leads to certain intentions that serve to produce both positive and negative effect on the psychology of shotmaking.

To establish the proper mindset for expansion of our intent, we must be carefully focused on a clearly defined process of execution.

Accepting the intention then provides the support for a belief that it is possible to successfully accomplish our intended purpose. If, however, our intent were to shift from a process orientation to the desire to control a result, there would be a breakdown in coordination of body motion that would have a negative effect on swing mechanics. The mindset can easily shift from an accepted, flowing motion to an emphasis on controlling the result. All of the errors in the golf swing are caused by this misguided intent.