Living Golf Lesson #11: Power of Belief

February 1, 2013

Lesson # 11 Power of Belief

There is no other more powerful directing force in golf and life than the power of belief. At any given moment in a split second your belief has the power to create or destroy. A belief delivers a direct command to your internal expectation that can override any previous conditioning. Beliefs are either empowering or limiting.

The way in which we structure our belief system will determine how much of our potential we will be able to tap into. Since beliefs are nothing more than generalizations from past experience, they must be transformed through a definitive growth process.

Gil's putting stroke

In order to change a particular behavior pattern we must identify the belief associated with it.

If we alter the belief and condition ourselves to accept it, then a new pattern will automatically be created.

Our belief system defines and shapes who we are and what we become. It also determines our potential for future growth and expansion. The human spirit wants and needs to expand. Our belief system does not judge what we input, it simply accepts it as the truth and installs it for future reference. Our thought process is a reflection of what we have been subject to and is expressed through our emotions. Our desire for a positive, emotional response has the potential to drive our actions in a power filled committed effort for successful outcome. Effortlessly, it just happens.