Living Golf Lesson #12: Power from the Heart of Play

May 1, 2013

Lesson # 12 Power from the Heart of Play

The power that lies within the game of golf can have a profound effect on every player who has experienced the spirit of it. Regardless of ability level there is a power there that stirs the special something that stimulates the heartfelt enthusiasm and penetrates the soul. Now, more than ever before, at age 66 I have come closer to the true meaning and purpose of what this game really is all about. Going into my 61st year of participating in its playful nature there is more to share than ever. As I begin my 41st year of sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for the golf experience I am closer to it than ever before.

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Here in the final lesson in this series you share in my current thoughts about the “Power from the Heart of this Game” that is so easily applied to life and living. Let’s Go Fore It together.