The fundamental aspects of grip stance, swing, structure and procedure must be precisely structured and rehearsed. Learning these with the assistance of a qualified, caring golf instructor is an absolute must. Through a series of blog posts I will be explaining the primary concepts that must be kept in mind. I would welcome you to call for individual appointments to assist you in achieving your basic requirements. Meanwhile I hope that these suggestions will help.

Philosophy of Flow

September 3, 2011

Being in the Zone

 Becoming a good ball striker is more than mastering the basic mechanics of the swing that has been covered thus far. We are consistently challenged to make adjustments in search of a better result. To achieve consistency of contact, we must develop a sensibility that allows for a fluid motion, which coordinates all parts of the body in a seamless, coordinated movement creating maximum club head speed at impact. This is what we call feel. This attitude that lurks within the mind, coupled with the combined construct of rhythm, tempo, and timing, work in concert to produce this quality of flow. Our body, mind, and spirit must be in proper balance in executing every swing from the booming tee shot down to the more delicate three inch putt. To achieve this, our mind-set must be openly accepting and aware of the process while at peace with the requirements of the intended result.

Wanting desire for success must yield to the intuitive sensibility of process as we pursue our goal with passionate determination for the connection to the purpose.

Once again, we return to this premise that serves us well in our quest for achieving anything in life. To analyze how these elements of a fluid golf swing connect, I suggest a methodology that is adaptable to the requirements of solid ball striking. When we understand and have had reasonable success with the development of a swing that is generated from shoulder turn rather than arm and hand control, we are prepared to apply an acceptance of rhythm, timing, and tempo.