Physical Fitness

Maintaining stamina, flexibility and balance is essential for optimal performance in all of life’s endeavors. Maintaining strength as we get older is a key component to healthy longevity. During the upcoming g months I will be discussing various types of conditioning programs that can be of help in providing the fitness that can be enjoyed through the game of golf.

Pilates for Golf

December 3, 2010

My Personal Discovery

Since my heart surgery fourteen years ago, I have made a continual effort to exercise both for strength and flexibility even though recreational golf does not necessarily require a high level of physical fitness to participate. Regular exercise properly carried out can provide a significant benefit to the swing mechanics. The heightened level of enjoyment derived from playing better and the overall health benefits can motivate a desire to work out.

What I have been fortunate to discover over the last year is the extraordinary benefits of working with a certified Pilates instructor. The precision exercises and movements that Pilates requires has made a remarkable difference in my capacity to play golf with a heightened level of efficiency.

My instructor, Linda Yasek, was originally introduced to me for golf lessons. I have been working on her golf game for about two years. Although a beginner, she has a remarkable amount of natural ability. What I noticed from day one of our lessons together was an unusual amount of coordination in the connection of her upper and lower body as she swings a golf club.

As I have committed myself to the Pilates exercises as an addition to my aerobic and weight training routine, I have witnessed an expanded ease of body flow in my swing.

Pilates has now become a dedicated part of my weekly training. My professional association with Linda is just another example of the “Law of Attraction.” When something is needed in life, if you remain open-minded and begin to focus on what is needed, your wanting desire is satisfied.

Golf Health and Wellness: A Dedication

September 2, 2010

I have decided to dedicate my September blog post to the 39th anniversary of my marriage to one of the most magnificent women I have ever known. Beth, or “Beffie”, as I call her is my soul mate, best friend and absolutely the best golfing buddy any man can have. Our love, devotion and respect for one another has continued to grow throughout our married life in spite of the trials and tribulations of day to day living.

The passion we share for this wonderful game of golf has provided a common ground of devoted interest that continues to strengthen the bond between us. Golf has provided a purpose in our lives that extends beyond the requirements of ordinary survival. It has given us a spiritual connection that somehow justifies our life’s work. This year, on our anniversary, we will be celebrating not only the time we have spent together, but also the exciting future that stands before us.