Spirit of Golf

Golf by its nature can become a spirit filled experience if learned properly. The game should provide a satisfaction that intrigues and penetrates the human connection with the divine essence of personal achievement. I will be offering many suggestions in the coming months that will help you become a more complete student of the game.

Living Golf Lesson #12: Power from the Heart of Play

May 1, 2013

Lesson # 12 Power from the Heart of Play

The power that lies within the game of golf can have a profound effect on every player who has experienced the spirit of it. Regardless of ability level there is a power there that stirs the special something that stimulates the heartfelt enthusiasm and penetrates the soul. Now, more than ever before, at age 66 I have come closer to the true meaning and purpose of what this game really is all about. Going into my 61st year of participating in its playful nature there is more to share than ever. As I begin my 41st year of sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for the golf experience I am closer to it than ever before.

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Here in the final lesson in this series you share in my current thoughts about the “Power from the Heart of this Game” that is so easily applied to life and living. Let’s Go Fore It together.

Living Golf Lesson #11: Power of Belief

February 1, 2013

Lesson # 11 Power of Belief

There is no other more powerful directing force in golf and life than the power of belief. At any given moment in a split second your belief has the power to create or destroy. A belief delivers a direct command to your internal expectation that can override any previous conditioning. Beliefs are either empowering or limiting.

The way in which we structure our belief system will determine how much of our potential we will be able to tap into. Since beliefs are nothing more than generalizations from past experience, they must be transformed through a definitive growth process.

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In order to change a particular behavior pattern we must identify the belief associated with it.

If we alter the belief and condition ourselves to accept it, then a new pattern will automatically be created.

Our belief system defines and shapes who we are and what we become. It also determines our potential for future growth and expansion. The human spirit wants and needs to expand. Our belief system does not judge what we input, it simply accepts it as the truth and installs it for future reference. Our thought process is a reflection of what we have been subject to and is expressed through our emotions. Our desire for a positive, emotional response has the potential to drive our actions in a power filled committed effort for successful outcome. Effortlessly, it just happens.

Living Golf Lesson #10: Power of Perception

December 1, 2012

Lesson # 10 Power of Perception

 When our brain receives impulses from one or more of the five senses a sensation is felt that can be effectively used.

The capacity that we possess to channel our sense-ability has the power to influence the actions that we choose to take.

We are able to activate the imaginative capacity to believe what we see in an outcome that our perception chooses to act upon. In a magical way seeing into the expectation of future results becomes possible.

When we become enabled through this visualization process our confidence will be affected in a way that transcends the conscious mind’s desire to control outcome. This concept is critical to become consistent in the performance level that we would like to achieve.

Living Golf Lesson #9: The Power of Emotion

October 16, 2012

Lesson # 9 The Power of Emotion

 Playing golf from the heart of the game requires an ability to take control of emotional response to outcome. Whenever we meet with setbacks and disappointments we must rise to the occasion and sue it as a motivating force. Each time we are able to overcome negative emotional response we begin a new growth process that moves our potential to a new level.

Properly channeled emotional energy has the power to overcome a negative result, providing new levels of enthusiasm and desire.

Our intentions can now be empowered providing momentum and fortitude. It is imperative therefore to avoid being controlled by our negative emotions.

We must be careful not to choose experiences based on what emotion we want to welcome or avoid. This could have a negative effect on how we play our game in golf and our lives in general.

Living Golf Lesson #8: The Power of Acceptance

September 1, 2012

Lesson # 8 The Power of Acceptance

Consciously choosing to become accepting of the possible result regardless of the outcome of a given golf shot relieves the self-imposed desire to control that result. This process instills an incredible sense of internal harmony and well being transcending common logic that easily can become manipulative.

Acceptance doesn’t require any form of doing to make something happen. Instead it is a chosen way of being.

It removes limitations that are caused by fear, doubt, and anxiety. The power that acceptance offers is unrestrictive in any way, shape, or form. Transcending the ego’s willful desire to be right or wrong, good or bad releases power from what it is that provides a true heartfelt desire. It then becomes real and tangible. When we consciously choose acceptance of result, our chosen way of being directly affects the quality of our doing. The tangible result is then received and determines the physical experience. When we consciously reject evaluation of result we begin to activate intuitive sensibility through spirit centered experience. It begins to feel good.

Acceptance is our true nature that is freely provided to each of us. Resistance due to self-imposed belief that success or failure exist imposes on the true nature that lies deep within heartfelt accomplishment. Avoiding unpleasant or undesirable experience is a choice that causes unpleasant results to become our reality.

The process of constructing a golf stroke and the acceptance of the result is what allows sensibility to develop.

It is our acceptance of the process, not the judgment of the result that determines the result that is produced. Choosing anything other than acceptance of the process and gratitude for the result of what it has created would cause willful desire to begin to manipulate our efforts. The lack of awareness to the truth of heartfelt power, combined with a lack of comprehension of desire for perfection, distorts the creative process that produces desired results. The process is always initiated by the creative power provided to our initiative allowing for results to be consistently provided as they are required.

Living Golf Lesson #7: The Power of Expectation

August 1, 2012

Lesson # 7 The Power of Expectation

The power exerted on our mindset by expectation of result work just as effectively on self-doubt and limitation as they do on thoughts of positive outcome and personal achievement. What we decide to expect not only defines who we are, but also determines our ultimate potential. In the words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

 Your expectation does not judge the thoughts that infiltrate the mind, it just accepts the input as the absolute truth.

Our thinking is creative by its nature and is the result of the expression of emotional response. Everything we think is an affirmation of either positive or negative reaction to the avoidance of expected negative or positive result. The way in which we set our expectations determine how we feel about the potential of our actions, which ultimately determine our desired result. We must learn to believe in our chosen action and trust the outcome to be affected in a positive moment of contact. If we culture our mindset to perceive a positive potential outcome, we will eventually produce concepts that our emotional state believes to be true and justified. Our expectation will now allow for achievement often enough to install the reception of a positive, confident state of being. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Our thoughts release an energy flow that will ultimately lead to a resulting action. Positive thoughts consistently sent out through the cosmos will return the necessary strength of belief and commitment to result in an intended, desired result.

Living Golf Lesson #6: The Power of Intent

July 5, 2012

Lesson #6 The Power of Intent

 Within the spirit of golf lies a never ending desire to expand our playing capacity beyond the current level of capability. This leads to certain intentions that serve to produce both positive and negative effect on the psychology of shotmaking.

To establish the proper mindset for expansion of our intent, we must be carefully focused on a clearly defined process of execution.

Accepting the intention then provides the support for a belief that it is possible to successfully accomplish our intended purpose. If, however, our intent were to shift from a process orientation to the desire to control a result, there would be a breakdown in coordination of body motion that would have a negative effect on swing mechanics. The mindset can easily shift from an accepted, flowing motion to an emphasis on controlling the result. All of the errors in the golf swing are caused by this misguided intent.

Living Golf Lesson #5: The Power of Desire

June 4, 2012

Lesson # 5 The Power of Desire

In order for any endeavor to become important enough for us to accomplish we must develop a strong desire to want it enough to pursue with a purposeful intent. Willful desire is critical to manifest our dreams and aspirations. In the game of golf willful desire can be a positive force or it can bring on a landslide of negative effects on outcome.

The physical attraction of a golf ball sitting on a tee or a plush area of emerald green grass lures us into a false sense of confidence.

The very nature of the golf course visually alters our conscious behavior causing a desire to control the flight of the ball. Deliberate, mental desire to strive to accomplish results causes a distortion in the process of execution. We subconsciously begin to manipulate the result causing a significant loss of power and direction.

So what is it about thinking that is compelling enough to cause this total mental breakdown in sensibility? The more we truly want something the more we attach ourselves to an expected outcome from our efforts.We begin to convince ourselves and believe that if we try harder then we will be able to achieve. This is a winning attitude that will overcome all resistance and prevail.  This leads to additional frustration and anxiety. As we exert more effort, our intention to achieve a certain result produces a subconscious desire to manipulate that result.

Living Golf Lesson 4: The Power of Mindset

May 3, 2012

Lesson # 4  The Power of Mindset

 When we ask ourselves the question what is it that we really want and are willing to take the time to ponder what it is, we begin a process of opening our minds to our ultimate potential. It requires conscious focus to maintain our own directions and not simply follow the proven ways that it has always been done. External forces and an acceptance of the way it is will never allow for an expansion of thought processes that our spirit would like to achieve.

When we become enabled to set our mind on a positive open acceptance of what is possible, enthusiastic energy begins to support a powerful desire to move above and beyond.

The power of mindset will steer the direction of whatever it is that we want to accomplish.

Any successful endeavor starts with confidence that can be accessed through a proper mindset. After knowing and accepting this, the question remains. How do we accept this mindset to release what it takes to accomplish our heart’s desire? It is not just about positive thinking. If you tell yourself that you are positive that you will play a par round of golf, an immediate thought will be developed for all the reasons that it is not possible. Therefore, mindset must match the reality of current experience. Our thoughts produce the energy that is necessary to support the passionate desire to achieve whatever it is that we want. This wanting desire must, however be supported by a clarity of intent. A process must be developed, adopted, and consistently adhered to and rehearsed the mind will then be able to accept the potential of what it takes to achieve the desire of our will.

Living Golf Lesson 3: The Power of Intuition

April 1, 2012

Lesson # 3  The Power of Intuition

There exists within each of us a magical capability that transcends rational sensibility. It comes from a part of our being that emerges at just the right moments when we need it the most. It is our intuition. It provides an insight that has been built on experience, without any judgment from intellectual interference. It frees a spirit-filled connection to a belief in what can be accomplished. The freedom of flow is released through our heartfelt feeling of what is the right way.

The intellectual willful desire that imposes a responsibility to be successful is replaced with an ability to naturally respond.

This response ability allows for experiences that expand an awareness of what is possible. New visions of what we are capable of achieving sharpen a focal point of a spirit-filled capacity with a clarity of intent. What not Go Fore It? Now we will.

When we hear that voice in our head, vision in our brain, or feeling in our heart we need to trust and take action in our bodies. This is the moment when we are overcome with unexplained feelings of elation. We just seem to know what action must be taken. At these moments we must exercise the faith that we can and the trust that we will, resulting in a fore gone conclusion. Now we must let go, let it happen.