Various techniques will be explained applying the different aspects of shot making on the golf course. The varying lies and conditions that are encountered from tee to green require different applications which I will be explaining in both the videos and the written blog posts.

Pre-Shot Routine

August 1, 2011

When we are committed to a wholeness of our playful pursuit, we are able to meet the demands of a focused execution of every stroke. To be fully connected to the requirement of each specific play, a process of planning is necessary to facilitate the joining of mind, body, and spirit in a oneness of effortless flowing motion. All outside, irrelevant, mental distraction must be eradicated and our minds should become peacefully connected to the clarity of our intentions. In order to accomplish this task, a routine approach to each shot must be created and adhered to with passion. We need to provide for ourselves with a consistent process in order to achieve the confidence that results in reliability.

While we properly adopt a pre-shot preparation, we open our sensitivity to the requirements of the moment and tap into an intuitive understanding of precisely what it takes to carry out the intent.

Every player eventually decides on the structure of their own personal routine. However, we need to know the fundamental elements that should always be part of any good procedure. First and foremost, we must check the position of the ball. Depending on the lie, a decision should be made as to what type of shot and club selection would be most advantageous. It is important to realize that distance from the intended target is not always the ultimate consideration. Once the club choice is made, then we begin to activate an imaginative capacity in order to pre-condition our sensitivity to the expected outcome. At the start of each hole, the process of imagination begins before the ball is even placed on the tee. We must look out to our intended target and assess the pros and cons that the design of each hole presents. This determines which side of the tee box would be the most appropriate to hit from.