Excerpts from the Book

“Our lives can be transformed only if we are willing to allow ourselves the unrestricted release of our passion. Passion is a gift to the human spirit. Through it, we can truly play in all aspects of our lives releasing unrestricted enthusiasm. It is passion that reveals our true inner-self and the authentic nature of our being.”

“Human motivation for learning must have at its root a passionate need to truly want something so badly that the spirit will endure and overcome any difficulty that blocks it realization.”

“As we continue to satisfy the passion within us we can begin to realize how the game can have a profound effect on our very existence. Our willingness is released from our desire to force results. This in turn energizes us and enables us to unlock a new-found work ethic that is not burdensome, but rather flows from the power of an inner force.”

“Our inner force gives us endless, effortless endurance to bring forth an experience without an attachment to the outcome. We learn to let it happen rather than forcing on the game a willful desire to control.”

“We need to set the doubt aside and just swing the club. Learning to play in those magical flowing moments where oneness between the player and the game removes from us the human frailty in our wanting desire and allows for the freedom to seek. Playing in the flow opens the eternal spirit to a total experience of exhilaration.”

“Opportunities become a higher realization of our natural instinctive ability. In turn, our hope remains constant and our passion survives. Now, go out and play the game and bring the spirit of play into all aspects of your existence. The passion for your game will expand. You will influence those around you as your recreational golf experience helps to recreate the emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, and ecological well-being which lies at the heart of the human experience.”

“The further we immerse ourselves in the deeper purpose of play, the more we are lifted from the routine of day-to-day existence. The relationship with the game can easily begin to spill over and affect all aspects of our lives. In whatever our pursuit, we examine the opportunities, while clarifying our accomplishments. We prepare ourselves for the task ahead, not losing sight of our aspiring goals becoming reality. This will build and reward our passion for the cherished times spent on the fairways and greens of our lives.”

“Slowing down the pursuit physically allows the mind the necessary time to internalize, evaluate, and realize an acceptance of new insight and direction.”

“If you think about it, golf is the only sport requiring you to go and hit your mistakes. These errant shots often produce situations that require an optimistic attitude exceeding any level of reasonable sanity.”

“If we allow the adversity to inspire, rather than destroy, then we will gain and grow in our human capacity. When we attach ourselves to an understanding that the disaster of a bad stroke produces a new challenge and the possibility of a miraculous recovery, then we are moving ourselves to a more comprehensive understanding of what it’s all about. Many life lessons are learned. As our strength of character is challenged and continues to grow, passion is lifted and achievements support the potential for infinite growth. At the end of the day, we are better for our experiences.”