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Getting Fit for Golf assists you in achieving optimal health and wellness. If you are truly interested in “Going Fore It” in achieving the optimal expansion of your ability, I would encourage you to contact me with any questions or to setup a no-cost initial counseling session.

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My Personal Story

There is much that I owe to the game of golf.  Throughout my life, it has provided a guiding force that has shaped who I am as a person.  The personal values that I have acquired from my experiences provide me with a foundation that supports my belief systems.  Honesty, humility, tenacity and dedication have carried me along the way.  My health and well being has been important to me, but just as many people, I had let it slip as the years passed.

Sixteen years ago, at the age of forty-seven, a life-changing diagnosis of severe heart disease led to quadruple bypass surgery.  I feared that the excruciating pain and length of recovery time would prevent me from being able to participate in this game that I so dearly love.

After regaining enough strength to swing a club, the game provided once again a guiding force that motivated me to join a gym and change my diet.  For the next five years, my wife and I became vegetarians and were able to lose a reasonable amount of weight, but could not get close to our optimal body-mass-index.  My excess weight continued to plague me, resulting in a loss of stamina and the ability to play and practice golf with passion.  My personal game and teaching suffered. I became a borderline diabetic and began having orthopedic problems in my knees and hips.

After trying a number of different diets with no noticeable improvement, I found myself giving in to the belief that this is just part of the aging process. Medication would keep me going.  Something inside of me was unsettled and disturbed by my gradual deterioration.  By January of 2009, I was at my highest weight since my heart surgery at 226 pounds.  I felt sluggish and tired as I continued to try to exercise, but my motivation continued to decline.  Fortunately, when I went to my doctor for my annual physical, he introduced me to a nutritional intervention program. This program advocates a process of eating six meals a day, each comprised of a properly-proportioned combination of protein and complex carbohydrates, which leads to a rapid, healthy weight loss.

Five months later, my weight had dropped to 175 pounds and has held consistently there for the past fourteen months.  I now feel better than ever before in my life.  I no longer need my medication and am no longer considered a diabetic.

My golf game has become more graceful and my cardiologist gave me the great news that at my current blood cholesterol and sugar levels, I am reversing coronary artery disease.

Since the time of this revelation, I have gone through training and have become a certified health coach.  I have also taken up Pilates training, which has dramatically improved my flexibility and posture.  I can now look forward to many more years of participation in my world of teaching and playing.  Once again, my love for the game has had a profound effect on my overall well being.

Now, I can offer my students guidance in their own quest for optimal health and longevity.  Through my coaching and specific recommendations for diet and exercise, I can offer an extension of my services related to the overall goal of increasing the abilities of my golf students.

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