December 1, 2012

Living Golf Lesson #10: Power of Perception

Lesson # 10 Power of Perception

 When our brain receives impulses from one or more of the five senses a sensation is felt that can be effectively used.

The capacity that we possess to channel our sense-ability has the power to influence the actions that we choose to take.

We are able to activate the imaginative capacity to believe what we see in an outcome that our perception chooses to act upon. In a magical way seeing into the expectation of future results becomes possible.

When we become enabled through this visualization process our confidence will be affected in a way that transcends the conscious mind’s desire to control outcome. This concept is critical to become consistent in the performance level that we would like to achieve.

Harnessing the sensation that directs perception is now the challenge that sets the mind in an accepting posture.

It lies with heartfelt reaction to possibility of outcome. Feeling uplifted by the experience that we have had dramatically affects our enthusiasm to trust our powerful ability from within. How then can we direct the power of perception toward a responsive sensation that stimulates optimal achievement?

Perception begins when our mind is activated by experience of one or more of our five senses. Our sensitivity then is stimulated in a responsive manner to act or react to the experience. Our reaction, however, is subject to interpretation. How we decide to act upon the interpretation becomes the controlling reality that determines the appropriateness of response and outcome. This opens to the heartfelt response-ability to optimal capability. We can then begin to understand how to avoid the imposition of holding ourselves responsible for controlling result. Our process of execution can take on a higher consciousness and continue in ongoing development. This knowledge allows us to gain a powerful force that manifest from a felt sensation of intuitive sense oriented experience. We now move closer to understanding the secret of what it is that perpetuates forward growth in golf and life.

As golfers we continue our quest to make sense out of the trials and tribulations that lie within the heart of what the game represents. Every time our brain is stimulated by the task at hand our reaction reverts to past experience.

Our sensation is constantly being redefined. It is what we do with that information that defines the course we play in the game of golf and life.

It refines our sense-ability through experience. We rely on experiences of the past as long as they serve us well. Until we decide that it no longer does, we will not strive to expand our capability to its fullest. To grow, risk must be taken, casting fate to the wind as we continue to Go Fore It.  Coming to a greater understanding of what it is, emerges as most important. It will continue to be revealed from the power that is derived from the heart of our game play.

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