May 1, 2013

Living Golf Lesson #12: Power from the Heart of Play

Lesson # 12 Power from the Heart of Play

The power that lies within the game of golf can have a profound effect on every player who has experienced the spirit of it. Regardless of ability level there is a power there that stirs the special something that stimulates the heartfelt enthusiasm and penetrates the soul. Now, more than ever before, at age 66 I have come closer to the true meaning and purpose of what this game really is all about. Going into my 61st year of participating in its playful nature there is more to share than ever. As I begin my 41st year of sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for the golf experience I am closer to it than ever before.

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Here in the final lesson in this series you share in my current thoughts about the “Power from the Heart of this Game” that is so easily applied to life and living. Let’s Go Fore It together.




This game has become my teacher in life, my guru that motivates and entices a special connection to a deeper search for purpose of the true pursuit that lies within it. Golf has something that fulfills our desire and connects to the satisfaction of our passion. There is something that entices the core of human need to satisfy the mind, body, and spirit connection.

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Our fundamental human wanting desire for power and control can be influenced and replaced as we uncover the inner secrets held in the playing fields of our lives.


If we allow ourselves to become totally immersed in all aspects of the game, we realize a more holistic connection with all that is life. Our play will then satisfy more than exists in the game by itself. The spirit of it now responds in successful, congruent flow from the heart of golf. Playing in the magical moments when oneness between the player and the game removes the human frailty of wanting desire and allows for the freedom we seek. We are released to the flow of spiritual connection and experience the exhilaration that we seek.
Developing heartfelt response leads our instincts away from an all controlling dominance and releases intrinsic realization of our authentic individuality. We are now able to dismiss the regimentation of how to and dig deeper into the why to of golf and life.

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Our true identity is touched by the quiet, yet revitalizing spirit of play in the serenity of the course design.



Golf allows us to achieve a lasting relationship with the fulfillment that self-confidence brings to overcome anxiety and self-doubt associated with a missed hit. Spirit is opened to a higher purpose of involvement as we focus on a desire to achieve authentically in our play. A deeper appreciated awareness of the game’s unfolding events is more easily aligned with. As we engage in searching the depths of our being and discovering the connection to what it is that affects our emotion, provides a resolve to carry on, dismissing fear of future negative results. The harmony within this balanced state of oneness synthesizes mind, body, and spirit in support of our personal theories that manifest in congruent energy flow. Well chosen enduring goals and objectives can and will be achieved in our own time while we play who we are as enlightened golfers in our own natural way.

Our true nature lies between our subconscious mind and our heartfelt, emotional connection. Within this amorphous space we are able to rely on our intuitive sensibility for creative reasoning. It is here that we are able to trigger positive action that draws attention to the task, providing conviction of purpose that satisfies intense desire carried out in an unforced, nature manner. Our bodily movement now cooperates in connection with our thoughtful intentions and the heart’s emotional interpretation.

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Participation in the game’s exhilarating achievements and devastating disappointments go a long way in allowing our authentic selves to accept a motivational force of unstoppable forward movement.

Our subconscious mind accepts as truth whatever we are inputting and eventually seeks to follow blindly what is programmed, thereby affecting our on course guidance system. We have the power to transform habits, behaviors, mental attitudes, and emotional reactions, thereby re-shaping our game, both on and off our course of choice. This clarification of identity provides a renewed level of self-respect. Growing closer to the source of inspiration we see a reflection of who we are in relationship to how we play the game. Our experience played shot for shot, hole by hole and round after round, provides us with an acceptance of our frailties. Learning the life lessons that are offered through our play releases a true sense of spiritual fulfillment and emotional satisfaction. The challenge is ours to embrace. Now is the time to free ourselves from the requirement and engage at a deeper level of heartfelt satisfaction with the true meaning of a powerful golf swing. We are then able to connect to a game that transcends the final score and lives on to play another day. This is what living golf is all about. We are all free to live it.

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