September 1, 2012

Living Golf Lesson #8: The Power of Acceptance

Lesson # 8 The Power of Acceptance

Consciously choosing to become accepting of the possible result regardless of the outcome of a given golf shot relieves the self-imposed desire to control that result. This process instills an incredible sense of internal harmony and well being transcending common logic that easily can become manipulative.

Acceptance doesn’t require any form of doing to make something happen. Instead it is a chosen way of being.

It removes limitations that are caused by fear, doubt, and anxiety. The power that acceptance offers is unrestrictive in any way, shape, or form. Transcending the ego’s willful desire to be right or wrong, good or bad releases power from what it is that provides a true heartfelt desire. It then becomes real and tangible. When we consciously choose acceptance of result, our chosen way of being directly affects the quality of our doing. The tangible result is then received and determines the physical experience. When we consciously reject evaluation of result we begin to activate intuitive sensibility through spirit centered experience. It begins to feel good.

Acceptance is our true nature that is freely provided to each of us. Resistance due to self-imposed belief that success or failure exist imposes on the true nature that lies deep within heartfelt accomplishment. Avoiding unpleasant or undesirable experience is a choice that causes unpleasant results to become our reality.

The process of constructing a golf stroke and the acceptance of the result is what allows sensibility to develop.

It is our acceptance of the process, not the judgment of the result that determines the result that is produced. Choosing anything other than acceptance of the process and gratitude for the result of what it has created would cause willful desire to begin to manipulate our efforts. The lack of awareness to the truth of heartfelt power, combined with a lack of comprehension of desire for perfection, distorts the creative process that produces desired results. The process is always initiated by the creative power provided to our initiative allowing for results to be consistently provided as they are required.

Acceptance is developing the ability to see the potential of perfection of a process of execution that is impossible to ever perfectly accomplish. It is about faith and trust. Faith that we can and trust that we will. The power that is released when we accept the flowing motion of the golf swing allows for a meditative moment of contact producing a transfer of energy that is accepted as the reality. By acquiring an awareness of acceptance we can activate and consistently produce perfectly congruent flowing motion centered within the core structure of our being.

Consistently accepting the possibilities that lie within the expectation empowers the process that allows for the passion in a pursuit of well defined purpose.

By developing an awareness and establishing an unwavering, unshakable belief in how the power of acceptance strengthens our heartfelt desire is what allows for the success. Now, we will be fully energized to consciously harmonize with an inbred rhythm, allowing for unquestionable expectation of positive results of our deepest desires and intentions to be accepted into reality. We have now opened our hearts to a “Going Fore It” feeling.

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