October 16, 2012

Living Golf Lesson #9: The Power of Emotion

Lesson # 9 The Power of Emotion

 Playing golf from the heart of the game requires an ability to take control of emotional response to outcome. Whenever we meet with setbacks and disappointments we must rise to the occasion and sue it as a motivating force. Each time we are able to overcome negative emotional response we begin a new growth process that moves our potential to a new level.

Properly channeled emotional energy has the power to overcome a negative result, providing new levels of enthusiasm and desire.

Our intentions can now be empowered providing momentum and fortitude. It is imperative therefore to avoid being controlled by our negative emotions.

We must be careful not to choose experiences based on what emotion we want to welcome or avoid. This could have a negative effect on how we play our game in golf and our lives in general.

Given a challenging situation we choose to go fore it or not, based on our perception of possibility of successful outcome or the potential of failure.

Either one of these could have a powerful effect on the emotional impact of our experience. The decision must come more from heartfelt response than intellectual rationalization. When a decision is to be made we must dig deeper into the spirit with which we choose to play, not the outcome of the moment.

If we choose to avoid emotional response we can easily accept or reject any decision. Then we become emotionally empty. This leads to apathy and despair which can have a devastating effect on our overall well being. If we are not aware of this we can unconsciously learn to emotionally shut off to avoid the pain. Somehow as human beings we seem to be hardwired more to avoid pain than to seek pleasure. The sense of caution that we exhibit is exactly what causes us to consistently miss achieving our goals. Our expectation of failure and the anticipation of the emotional response cause an avoidance of even attempting. If we could recondition ourselves to play our game with heartfelt enthusiasm, that alone would return us to a more playful, childlike joy, an exhilaration that we truly deserve from life.

This is the secret of a going fore it attitude. That is to understand what it is that you are really going fore.

To be the best that we can be, we must learn to deal with a domination of our spirit by negative, emotional response. If we can begin to welcome emotion into our experience we can accelerate ourselves to higher levels of achievement and get back to the heart of the matter. If we cultivate heartfelt, positive emotions we begin to trust the potential that lies within all of us.

Fulfilling emotional reaction brings richness to life and living. We all have something within us that is yearning to come forth.

It lies at the heart and spirit of our divine nature. We cannot afford to live in despair and apathy. Instead, choose to become response-able and trust the outcome of all that it is possible of becoming. Then you are living life from the core of passionate commitment. The purpose becomes clear. The process is made apparent and the pursuit will lead to the heart of what it is that provides joyful, emotional experience.

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